Victims of Human Trafficking





Human trafficking is the modern-day form of slavery and involves the movement of people by means of violence, deception or coercion for the purpose of forced labor, servitude or slavery-like practices, or the black market of body parts.

Today, human trafficking is the third largest criminal industry in the world, along with child pornography, after arms and drug dealing.


HOF Mission is to open up safe houses/facilities, which will utilize experienced with expert and qualified personnel. This will include experience in comprehensive residential care programs. All personnel, professional and volunteers, will undergo background checks, each individual will have separate living quarters. This includes children, teenagers, and adults.

It is our desire to help stop human trafficking, which leads in to abortion, drugs, alcohol and any addiction. We will provide counseling for all ages/victims. We believe that such provisions will aid that goal. We want to enable such strugglers with an opportunity to educate themselves through trade schools and college courses so they can rebuild their lives in a fulfilling and productive, positive way. HOF Mission Safe houses/facilities will also offer strong encouragement for attendance and involvement, with the expectation that spiritual reinforcement will enhance recovery and rebuilding.

We need your help! Hearts of Faith Ministry and HOF Mission Recovery Homes are relying on you! We also need businesses, civic groups and churches to help fund these missions, partnering with us to make a difference in the lives of those who struggle with the issues above. We are also in the process of obtaining our first thrift/donation store, hopefully by December 1, 2016, located in Hurst, Texas. Our hope is for more stores in the future to help provide a source of income for our homes.

Life is precious and short and we believe we can make a positive difference.  Will YOU help us make a difference? For questions, please contact Julie Green at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Donations may be sent to Hearts of Faith Ministry, 2444 Jacksboro Hwy, Fort Worth, Texas 76114. Donations are tax exempt.

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: Will you help make a difference in someone’s life by donating and/or becoming a sponsor?

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We desire to meet the growing needs of: veterans, children, women, men and families that are at risk, as well as minister to the homeless. Many have already become victims of abuse or neglect. Hearts of Faith wants to bring hope to such lives. We desire to help people overcome or avoid falling into the pitfalls of drug addiction and other destructive behaviors that seem to accompany hopelessness.

We want to help pregnant women find a better option than abortion. Our goal is to show hope to all those who feel that there is none in their lives.

A major factor in meeting our goal is the establishment of recovery homes where the suffering can find a place to belong while they are rebuilding their lives. Besides a safe living environment, the participants will be encouraged in the areas of education, employment, counseling and church attendance /involvement.

We even want our homes to be a desirable environment for released inmates re-entering society. They need a place that offers them hope, along with a plan for a new and better future. If we can be successful in establishing a self-funding ministry that rebuilds broken lives, just imagine the positive impact it will have on government funding that often goes to the same effort.

Financial and executive summaries available upon request.


Julie Green
Hearts of Faith Ministry
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